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Posted on December 25, 2012

Every work has such components as an introduction, a main body and a conclusion. They are connected with the help of one topic. The introduction is a very important element of your work. Because in the first turn, the readers must familiarize with the introduction of your work, and only after that with another materials. This part creates the first impression about the work. In the introduction, you need to formulate goals and objectives of future research, because almost each work involves the research. When you write the college papers, you should be borne in mind that evaluated not only the level of training of the student, but also his general cultural level. Therefore, it is important not only how disclosed topic, but also the style, the overall manner of presentation the content of your work. The content of your work provides for the use of certain idiomatic phrases, metaphors, similes, introductory words, etc. Their purpose is to show the logical connection between the individual pieces of text. You need to use only checked sources of information in your work. It can be textbooks, reference books, scientific magazines, newspapers and publications, fiction books, online resources and many others. The conclusion should summarize the entire information about your work. You need to show the results of your research and highlight the main ideas of the work.

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