College Essay Papers

Posted on July 18, 2011 in College Essay Blog

College essays are very instrumental in sharpening the skills that students are taught in school. Ever since the early days of formal education,
college essays have continued to be used as one of the undisputed means of continuously assessing the progress of students in their class work and even academic projects they undertake outside the classroom set up. Most schools have their own internal systems of setting and administering college essays to learners. In cases where the college essays are given out to form part of the assignments that the students have been given to undertake for instance in the evening, students are always given enough time to go and research about the same. However, in cases where the college essays are to form part of a sit-in exam, there is always no room to research because the students are expected to provide instant answers.

There were days when some students used to complain that most college essays are always repetitions of previous exams. Their main point of concern being that teachers do not take sufficient time to come up with proper exams based on what have been taught in class. They argued that most of these papers at times failed to even recognize that some parts of the previous college essays set as exams no longer fit in because of curriculum changes. This was point on for most of the college essays set during the 90s. Today however, college essays are set with a lot of sensitivity to the syllabus and curriculum. It can therefore be given unto these crusaders that it is because of their own effort that today students can at least rest assured that exams would be relevant to their class work.

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