College Application Essays

Posted on July 19, 2011 in College Essay Blog

The importance of knowing how to write good college application essays cannot be overemphasized in today’s world. Most students have found themselves not ones but several times in situations where their fate is almost entirely decided by the quality of their college application essays. Most admission committees realize that the way students write their college application essays, is an effective way of estimating the potential of a student. The college application essays have hence also been used in preparing shortlists for interview candidates because a good student worth calling for an interview would appreciate the need to put in all the intricate and vital issues that would make his/her candidature appealing to the admission committee in charge.

College Application Essays

One thing I have realized with all college application essays is that they should all have similar sections even if they contain different information because of the students’ personalities and experiences. All college application essays must have the section that talks about the applicant’s education background as well as education ambitions. College application essays must also have the section that reveals the students’ relevant experiences either as a student in a different school or in the career of focus that makes him/her the ideal candidate. I also believe that good college application essays must also have the writer’s background as well as the external factors that influenced his/her choice for the college of focus. It therefore follows that all college application essays should always adopt a persuasive tone, the tone that can move the panel considering the application. It is therefore incumbent on all students to learn the right skills for writing such documents because when the hour of need comes, they may not be close to someone who can offer the vital help at that instance.

College Application Essays Examples

After many years in high school, a time comes when high school students have to come to terms with the imminent possibility of proceeding to college. This is a time that many of them get mixed feelings. To many, going to colleges is the best thing and a dream comes true. However, there are those who are faced with unprecedented fear of college life.

As it has come to be known, the anxiety comes from the fear that one may be unable to write
college application essays examples. This is an essay that is intended to convince the admitting panel to accept the student in the college.

This however should not cause fear as custom writing services are there for all to get. A student faced with this problem should ask for college application essays examples from such companies. Alternatively, one can use the many college application essays examples available in the internet.

Because application essays are meant to convince the college that one has all it takes to bring a value to it, it therefore means that it must be well written. This therefore means that a student who is not very sure of his writing skills may end up missing a chance of join the college if he only uses the college application essays examples in the internet without the help of a professional writer.

This then necessitates the need to have a professional writer help you chose one of the many college application essays examples that they write. A student can then decide to use the college application essays examples as written by the professional or else use the college application essays examples to write his own college application essays according to his own context.

Writing your own college application essay has more merits as you can write it according to your own background as you know it. However, for those who are not sure of themselves, using college application essays examples provided by the custom companies.

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