Editing and Proofreading Your Paper

Posted on December 25, 2012

Now that you’ve finally finished writing your paper online there are no more obstacles to your careless student life of joy and you can be justly rewarded for your hard work. But isn’t there something else you have to do so that your essay would be another feather in your hat? Editing and proofreading are as important as the writing process itself.

What you’ve done so far is simply noting your thoughts down according to the outline of your essay. Now it’s time for you to read through your text and analyze every sentence in terms of its relevance and structure. This procedure can be less painful when you know the list of bullet points you have to cross out while checking. There’s no universal list for everybody to use, of course, due to the fact that the types of common mistakes differ from student to student. However, there are some essential points you simply can’t ignore.

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If you don’t have time, we can edit term papers for college at reasonable prices. We employ professional writers who can turn your paper into a true masterpiece. If you decide to do the college research paper editing by yourself, here’s a quick tip before you start – don’t do it right after you’ve finished writing. You need to focus on something else to let your brain have some rest. Otherwise, you risk missing some of the weak spots of your essay. Read through some of these tips to help you cope with this task.

Is There a Logical Flow of Thoughts?

Before you can check the spelling of every word and punctuation, you should look through the paragraphs and make sure there’s a smooth transition between them. Each paragraph has to introduce one single idea that support your thesis. That is why it’s sometimes may be difficult to arrange the paragraphs in a proper and logical way, so you should spend some time checking the structure of your essay. You might come to a conclusion that you need a stronger hook for the introduction, or to include a strong point near the beginning to make the essay more exciting.

Is My Essay Too Confusing for a Reader?

Remember, the main goal of your essay is to make it as clear as possible to a reader. If you decide to use some overly complicated words just to look smart, don’t do it. You should use them only if they are appropriate for the subject of your essay and bring a deeper understanding to your readers. Otherwise, you’ll get them confused and it will be extremely hard for them to follow you train of thoughts. Also, you should be very careful when using long sentences. They can be boring or difficult to understand. You can simplify these sentences by breaking them into parts or leaving out some of the excessive words. Watch out for the repetition of ideas and words as well.

Am I Using the Wrong Words?

If you’re not sure what words best fit your sentence, ask Thesaurus for some help. Don’t choose the words you don’t fully understand yourself because there’s a risk of using the wrong one and altering the meaning of your text. Avoid using inappropriate language. Keep in mind that you’re writing an academic paper, and simply having a conversation with your peers. Additionally, don’t try to impress your readers with some sophisticated words you don’t know. The chances are, you’ll use them incorrectly and spoil the impression of your essay.

Are There any Typos?

Of course, there should be no typos or grammar mistakes in your essay. Read it several times to spot the possible errors. It’s a good idea to show your essay to someone else. It can help you not only to work on your spelling and grammar but also get a constructive feedback on your essay.

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